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Exceptional Service

While we believe you will find our pricing to be competitive, below are important factors of equal or greater weight to consider before choosing your window cleaning service.

Both Interior and Exterior Window Washing

At Hammer Window Washing, all work is done carefully by hand. We begin inside your home, working one room at a time to minimize disruption. To start, our crew moves furniture and other valuables that may be in harm's way. Then using a drop cloth at all times, we open each window, unlatch screens, clean window sills, and remove and dust mullions if applicable.

Next, we clean window panes by applying our gentle solution with soft cotton applicators, remove paint and hard debris, re-apply our solution, and then remove with squeegees. Runoff is contained and hand dried with soft cotton towels.

Our crew then repeats the same process as above for each window outside your home, servicing each window by hand, and using ladders to gain access where necessary.

Additional Care We Take

Each window screen is also hand washed, and then re-attached to their respective window. Furniture and other items we may have moved are put back in their original locations. When finished, we make certain to inspect each window carefully, and correct for anything we may have missed. Before leaving, we check that all windows and doors are properly locked. Our job is not complete until we have done our best to achieve perfection!

Storm Window Cleaning

Some older homes have storm windows. We are familiar with all styles and types, and are adept at cleaning them. We typically hand wash them at their respective window, using the same methods as above. We then reinstall.

Indoor and Outdoor Light Fixtures, Chandelier, and Ceiling Fan Cleaning

While we are already at your home cleaning windows, why not have us also put an added sparkle to your light fixtures? We specialize in cleaning hard to reach chandeliers and fans, hand washing using our gentle solution, and replacing any burnt out bulbs. We can even make your exterior light fixtures come alive again with a good cleaning!

Flood Light Replacement

Take advantage of our tall ladders, and have us replace all or some of your outdoor floodlights. Properly functioning floodlights beautify your home, and also help deter crime.

Gutter Cleaning

Smooth, unclogged gutters are the first step in avoiding costly water damage to your home. We can inspect and hand clean your gutters to ensure proper draining. Debris is bagged and then taken off-site for disposal, not left on the ground. While we are cleaning the inside of your gutters, we can hand wash the exterior. This really adds a nice bright touch to your curb appeal!

Window Trim, Entry Inspection, and Caulking

Since we will have access to all of your windows and doors, there is no better time to have us inspect and repair gaps in caulking, which if left in disrepair, can lead to expensive water damage.

New Construction Cleanup

We offer expert new construction and remodel cleanup, which can help you protect your investment.

Attentive Friendly Crew

Click below to learn about the extra care our team will take both inside and outside your home.

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